10 Balls 7 Cups: Clan Wars

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How to get your iPhone/iPod Touch "Device Identifier."

  • Download BetaHelper from the iTunes store.
  • Use BetaHelper to mail yourself the Device ID.
  • Copy and Paste the ID from your email into the form.


MANUALLY Copy and Paste your iPhone/iPod Touch "Device Identifier" from iTunes

  • Connect your iPhone to your computer.
  • Open iTunes.
  • Select your iPhone under "Devices" and make sure the "Summary" tab is open.
  • Click on the bold words "Serial Number" (found beneath name, capacity, and software version information). This will change to "Identifier". See picture below.
  • In the menu bar choose: Edit->Copy. Even though the Identifier is not highlighted, this will copy it into the clipboard.
  • Paste the Identifier (Edit -> Paste from the file menu) into the text field on the registration form above.

Note: Your Device Identifier is not tied in any way to your personal information, and is only used to track which clan your score belongs to.